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At the end of last week’s article about Brisbane’s record hot summer, I said I would let you know how I got on with the sale of my house. Yes, well spotted, that’s not my house, this is… Let’s recap on my Moving House in Australia story, and then bring it right up to date. [...]


It would have been very easy to have driven from Townsville to Cairns in a day, after all it’s only 350 kilometres or so. There were a few places I wanted to see though, so I decided to spit the journey into two with an overnight stop off in Cardwell. A quick look on any [...]


We have a lot of birds in Australia, over 370 different species live in and around Brisbane alone, who knows how many different kinds we have across the whole country. Some though are, shall we say, a sandwich short of a picnic. Or, as we are talking about our feathered friends, a bit ‘one flew [...]