Is Sydney the capital of Australia? No, it isn’t. Is Melbourne the capital of Australia? No it isn’t. This is the capital of Australia… A Very Brief History of Canberra, Capital of Australia And when I say brief, boy do I mean brief. If you have this as a homework question kids, move on, unless [...]


We like to travel and since we’ve been in Australia, which is about 7 and a half years now, we’ve done quite a bit of it. When we had a holiday in Perth earlier in the year, it meant we have now been to every single state or territory capital in Australia. Except one. One [...]


On Fridays, as you probably know, I like to look around Australia to see what’s going on elsewhere. Of course, I don’t study the news to do this, I just head straight over to YouTube and search for recent videos from each of our major cities. This week though, what with it being just 13 [...]


If you read Monday’s post, you will know that Elizabeth has been away for the week for her School Trip to Tallebudgera Beach Outdoor Education School. This is Tallebudgera Creek… Doesn’t look too bad, does it? Today, at 2:30 PM, Mrs Bob and I drove up to the school to meet her as she arrived [...]


Last week I kicked off a new series called “Cycling in…” with a post called Cycling in Adelaide: City Commute and the Hills. Now I have to make an admission at this stage, I don’t even own a bike. I did used to have one back in the UK, but it was just about the [...]

Yes, it’s been a very short week here in Australia, in fact, a short fortnight. Last week we had Friday off for Easter, and of course this Monday as well. Today is another holiday, because today is Anzac Day. You should already know plenty about Anzac Day: Tomorrow is Anzac Day Not Just Easter Monday [...]


It’s Friday, time to trawl YouTube. Two weeks ago I presented to you a couple of videos about Adelaide, because Adelaide had been voted Australia’s most liveable city (again). I decided that for each week after that, on Friday, I would present to you the best videos I could find on YouTube for the other [...]

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In my original post Australian politics explained from the middle of last year, I tried to give an outline of how it all works out here. But as I wrote that article, I had no idea Australian politics could be so much fun. Let’s take a look at where we are today following last Saturday’s [...]