Camping Australia


Time to catch up on another reprint of one of my Australia and New Zealand magazine articles. I know we’ve had a bit of a run of them lately, but that just shows how far I got behind. This article is about one of two fantastic islands we have just off of Brisbane that are [...]


My car breaks down. This is also a story of how helpful Australians can be. We spent the morning exploring the beach but for the afternoon, we wanted to explore “central” North Stradbroke Island. With all the kids and wives loaded up into our two cars, not a straightforward logistical achievement, we were ready to [...]


One of the things we really love about camping here in Australia is that you can simply throw all your camping gear into the boot of the car and go off for the weekend to somewhere new, somewhere different, and it often turns out to be somewhere really spectacular. And you can do this with [...]

what is it?

I mentioned earlier in the week about my acclimatisation to Australia in terms of getting used to the creepy crawlies. I said that I felt we had reached stage four in the process simply by going camping. “Camping in Australia? Are you nuts! There’ll be snakes and spiders and bugs everywhere, what are you, some [...]


In my post announcing I was going camping in Australia, I said  I was “off into the wilds to live side by side with nature’s wildest beasts”. So, did I see any? The first sign of wildlife that I noticed was a singing kookaburra who was perched on a tree about 20 feet away from [...]


The BobinOz family are not the kind of people to set off for anywhere at the crack of dawn. So it was at about 1 pm on Friday that we finally descended our steep driveway and set off on our first ever camping adventure in Australia. At approximately 1:40 pm, at almost exactly the mid [...]