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At the end of last week’s article about Brisbane’s record hot summer, I said I would let you know how I got on with the sale of my house. Yes, well spotted, that’s not my house, this is… Let’s recap on my Moving House in Australia story, and then bring it right up to date. [...]


We have a lot of strange and unusual creatures in the Australian outback, and I’ve written about quite a few. We’ve got… Camels Water Buffalo Dingoes Brumby’s So, what else have we got out there? Feral pigs! Dingoes aside, if you’ve read my articles mentioned above and the ones about rabbits, cane toads and fire [...]

Australia map

It’s been a while since I had my last holiday, May actually. Oh, that’s not so long ago is it? Anyway, if you remember, I went to Alice Springs and Uluru. I suppose most of you already know that Uluru is slap bang in the middle of Australia. Anyway, I realised over the weekend that [...]

Griffiths Island

Determined to stick to our plan to stay away from the beach, to avoid any of our extremities turning blue, we decided to visit Port Fairy. Port Fairy was just 20 minutes or so up the road and my wife thought my daughter would get really excited about visiting a place with “Fairy” in it’s [...]