Bureau Of Statistics


A lot of questions in my title today, so what is it all about? Time for me to stop asking questions and start answering some. Back in 2011 Australia held a census, as they do every five years. I took part in that census for the first time as I mentioned in my post Australian [...]


Current Rates Aussie yakka: One hour of hard yakka buys $32.80 of stuff. The UK yakka: One hour of hard yakka buys £15.06 of stuff. For updated rates as at December 2012, see my post Hard Yakka and the Cost of Living in Australia Allow me to explain…. Here in Australia it’s called hard yakka [...]

Our House

A good while ago I wrote an article about Australia versus England at house prices where I tried to compare the cost of housing in Australia with houses in the UK. My conclusion was that, despite a report suggesting Australia had some of the world’s most expensive housing, I still felt housing here was cheaper [...]