Bull Ant


It was more than four years ago when I had my first and only battle with an Australian bull ant and it didn’t end up as you would have expected. I thought I had done everything right; I’d armed myself with a quite thick instruction manual, I’d taken a pretty accurate swipe, I’d knocked the [...]


Last week when I told you the bad news about spiders I said that next week, which is this week, I would be telling you the good news about spiders. And I will. Next week. Why the delay? The reason for this switch is because on Monday evening I saw the biggest ant I’ve ever [...]


When I spoke last week about very small Australian bad things, I mentioned that there was one tiny itsy-bitsy small Australian bad thing of which we have plenty, with some of them known to kill. I was referring to ants. Here, in just the Brisbane area alone, we have Jumper Ants, Giant Bull Ants, Greenhead [...]