I am not a cricket man, I could stare at a cricket scorecard for a week and probably still not be able to tell you who is winning. Let’s take the Ashes for example. I just Googled “ashes cricket 2013 scoreboard” and, unsurprisingly, got to the scorecard of the 2013 Ashes. There was a lot [...]


About four months ago I asked the question Has It Ever Snowed in Brisbane? The answer was no. But what about Queensland? Has it ever snowed in Queensland? About 217 kilometres north-west of Brisbane is a town called Stanthorpe. This morning they recorded a minimum temperature of 3.5° C there, and, along with that say [...]


Those of you who have read my posts as if studying for an exam will know that Mrs BobinOz and I run a local pet care service in our own and surrounding suburbs. We feed people’s pets for them whilst they are away from their homes, for whatever reason. This means we often find ourselves [...]

South Bank

Since I’ve been writing this blog, whenever a new Economist Intelligence Unit’s Liveability Survey comes out, I have always written about it here. In June 2009 I wrote And the Best City Ever to Live In is…. In February 2010 Australia: Far Too Dangerous and Way Too Livable Then in March 2011 Melbourne Moves Into [...]


Last week I re-printed one of my Australia and New Zealand magazine articles, it was called Girlie Shopping in Australia: Retail Therapy. Well, if you look closely at the magazine cover… … you will notice it’s main title is “Discover Brisbane”. That’s something I’ve already done, and so the people from the magazine asked me [...]


I had intended to “potter in the garden”, but in the end I spent most of my Sunday tidying up the garage. It’s amazing how quickly it can fill up with junk; how people ever managed to fit cars into them, I’ll never know. Back in England, I would’ve shoved all this sort of stuff [...]


It was a bit of a cloudy day on Sunday and, of course, it is still pretty much the middle of winter here. But temperatures managed to hit a respectable 20°C, that’s still good enough for shorts. And every now and then, the sun did manage to peek through the clouds. We fancied getting out [...]


Yes, time for another “Winter versus Summer” comparison post here on BobinOz. I’ve done this before, it’s a bit of a tradition. Here’s the history of the contest so far… 13th of July 2011 I wrote… Australia vs England: The Weather London was cloudy, with a 20% chance of rain and the maximum temperature for [...]