As you will know from Fridays post about the G20 Summit here in Brisbane, this city enjoyed a public holiday for the occasion. But what did I do with my extra day off? If past G20 summits are anything to go by, I am thinking Toronto 2010, there would have been a not insignificant risk [...]


Yes, it was seven years ago exactly to the day when me, Mrs Bob and a tiny Elizabeth stepped off the plane to set foot on Brisbane soil and called this city our home. To mark the occasion the Queensland Government has declared today a public holiday for all the residents of Brisbane, which is [...]


On a Friday I usually like to take a look around the rest of Australia and steer away from Brisbane for a while. But this week Brisbane becomes the focus of attention not just for Australia, but for the whole world. Brisbane is hosting this years G20. The city has been warming up for this [...]

Night owl

On Sunday Mrs Bob went on another one of her excruciatingly long charity walks. Last time she did this, you will recall, she walked 55 kilometres in the Oxfam Trailwalker 2014. The walk this weekend though was just a mere 35 kilometres. It started at Woody Point… Then across the Houghton Highway, a road that [...]

motor room

Mrs Bob and I went our separate ways at the weekend, only temporarily, of course. Mrs Bob took off to the Gold Coast with some friends and three little girls on tow. Our daughter and a couple of her pals, so two girls aged 10 and one age 8. They were off to Movie World [...]

Aussie weather

If this were a game of football in the World Cup or in any competition, it would be a fantastic match. End to end, as they say. What am I talking about? Yes, my annual midwinter post where I compare Brisbane’s weather with that of London where, of course, it’s the middle of summer. It’s [...]


Over the last couple of weeks or so, for the most part, I’ve been talking about things to do during the holiday. I’ve been doing that on account that it is winter school holidays here, so we’ve been finding things to do. Last Wednesday I talked about skiing in Thredbo compared with sunning yourself in [...]


One of the joys of moving to a new country is discovering new places. I’ve been here over six years now and you’d probably think I would have run out of the places to see that are still within a relatively short driving distance for me. Not true. Jacobs Well I didn’t know Jacob was [...]