Have you ever started to do something on a regular basis and then you find you just can’t stop? That’s exactly what’s happening right here, right now, on this website. It’s time for my traditional Brisbane’s winter versus London’s summer weather comparison. Brisbane’s winter versus London’s summer compared 2015 Yes, this particular head-to-head has been [...]

Teneriffe Street Festival

What would happen if you had a street festival where you live in the middle of winter? What would it look like? This is what a street festival in the middle of winter here in Brisbane looks like. Teneriffe Festival 2015 As you may have noticed, this Teneriffe has two f’s so it’s not to [...]


At first it was a mystery to me how I missed this. Here we are almost halfway through 2015 and I never knew. It was only when I was reading a magazine just yesterday that I discovered the news. In the 2014 edition of their Australian guidebook, Lonely Planet named Brisbane as Australia’s ‘coolest city”. [...]


I like beer. I like drinking beer, talking about beer, making beer and hanging around in places that sell beer. I’m clearly not the only one though, because places that sell beer around Brisbane are springing up like mushrooms. Brisbane’s nightlife has changed quite substantially in the relatively short time that I’ve been here, I [...]

Yes, today I’ve got a video that nobody wants to see, not even me. In fact I have even more reason not to want to see it, because I live in Brisbane. It was in a Brisbane suburban back garden that Gigantor was found. What is Gigantor? Here are some clues. Normally these things are [...]

ANZ oct 14

It took me a while before I got around to writing about the Brisbane music scene for Australia and New Zealand magazine, but I got there in the end. In the seven years I’ve lived in this city, I have noticeably seen improvements in the bars in and around the city and in the bands [...]


You’re probably fed up with me keep showing you videos of storms bashing Australia and only two days ago I said to myself, yes, I do speak to myself sometimes, I said “I’ve got to stop keep showing videos of storms bashing Australia.” That decision was prompted after watching a program about ‘climate change’ which [...]


It would be almost impossible not to notice that Australia, a country with a relatively low population, usually does extraordinary well in swimming competitions on the global stage. At the time of writing, apparently 58 of Australia’s 143 Olympic gold medals came from swimming events. So, why are Australians such good swimmers? Here are a [...]