Brisbane River


I’m sure everybody knows that the most famous bridge in all of Australia is Sydney Harbour Bridge. The bridge is also known as “The Coathanger” because, well, see if you can guess… Yes, because it looks like one. What some of you may not know though is that the engineer who worked on the design [...]


It was billed as (get it, quack quack) Australia’s biggest duck race and I’m sure it was. We went along on Sunday to, as they say, support the duck. One of the signs said “Changed Traffic Conditions Ahead“; you bet there were, what with the long marquee packed with people eating and drinking taking up [...]


I drove up to Chinatown on Sunday to take a look at the Indian Independence Day celebrations that were taking place there. Unfortunately they took place there on the Saturday, not on the Sunday; I’d got my dates wrong. Chinatown was decidedly quiet. So instead we whizzed off to Queensland University of Technology, otherwise known [...]

sinking car

Guess who I saw today? The Sun. Yes, after what seems like an eternity, but clearly wasn’t, today the rain has stopped and the clouds have started to clear. I know you are probably sick of hearing me talk about the rain, but at the moment, rain is the talk of the town. Why? Because [...]


You may recall we had a night out on the town barely 3 months ago when our daughter had her first sleep over since we came to live in Australia. On Saturday Elizabeth had sleepover number two, so we felt it was only right that we had night on the town number two. We’d never [...]

Brisbane River

It’s been another glorious Australian weekend. It is difficult to describe how much of an impact moving to Australia can really have on your lifestyle. But I will try. This weekend is a great example. Please bear in mind as you read this that we are now in the depths of winter. The weekend got [...]