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Australia Snakes

Okay, we have taken our time getting here, but I was hoping to ease you into it. We covered a lot of Australian bad things on our way and I hope you have seen that some of these things are just little cuties really. There have been 20 posts so far in the Australia’s Bad [...]

That’s Wiped the Smug “Hot and Sunny With Clear Blue Skies” Off My Face As I understood it, when I originally moved here, Australia was a hot and sunny country with predominantly clear blue skies. And it’s true, I have witnessed it many times. But when it rains, my word. Does it rain! When we [...]


Today, fewer words – more pictures. It’s Australia’s Bad Things time. I have had some cute things in the past that have turned out to be not so cute. In fact, bordering on bad. But I can’t think there can be anything bad about this little beauty. My son pointed this one out to me, [...]