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According to the mightily intelligent entity known as Google, New Farm to Brisbane CBD is 3.4 kilometres or, as they go on to say, 7 minutes drive in current traffic. I think it’s fair to say that New Farm is in the heart of Brisbane. And here’s the proof, a picture taken from New Farm with [...]


Here in Australia the closest you will get to John Lewis or Debenhams is a store called Myer. We also have a store called David Jones, but today I’m talking about Myer because they went to the trouble of putting on a Christmas parade here in Brisbane. Apparently, they’ve been doing this kind of parade [...]


I know I’ve been whingeing about the weather a lot lately, but we have had loads of rain. Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement. Here’s a quote from the Courier Mail from a few days ago. “Brisbane recorded its wettest December in more than 150 years with 471.8mm dumped until 5pm yesterday, beating the [...]


Vandalism in Australia. “Youth is disintegrating. The youngsters of the land have a disrespect for their elders and a contempt for authority in every form. Vandalism is rife, and crime of all kinds is rampant among our young people. The nation is in peril.” No, I haven’t just taken that from the editorial of a [...]

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You heard it first, here on BobinOz. Unless you heard it somewhere else before. I mentioned only two weeks ago about the westerlies arriving early and, aided and abetted by my Aussie mate, predicted a swift end to winter. The date today is Friday, 30 July and as such we are still in the middle [...]

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I’ve mentioned before that we get quite a few free magazines through our letterbox. Well, not actually through the letterbox, they are usually rolled up, wrapped in an elastic band and hurled into the direction of our house. One such magazine is called bmag and covers all of Brisbane. In it, the Lord Mayor of [...]


One mans fearless exploration of his own back garden. They tell me that Brisbane is the bird capital of Australia with over 370 native and introduced species recorded in the area. I think most of them live in my back garden. The other week I was complaining about our noisy new neighbour, today I want [...]

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As the UK enters spring, we have just begun autumn. The 90°F heat of today, if our usual weather patterns prevail, will gradually fall down to a steady 75°F (24°c) by the end of May. Then it will be winter. Brisbane’s autumns are just fantastic.