Brisbane Area


You may remember a couple of months ago we were rather concerned about Elizabeth’s health when she returned from school one afternoon. She had a soaring temperature and a hacking cough just at the time when swine flu was sweeping through the country. Thankfully she got over it, well almost. A short while after, the [...]


In last weeks post we talked about the world’s worst insect, the mosquito. At the foot of that post I mentioned that this week I would introduce you to the mozzies irritating little brother. Technically I am not sure if they are related, but they are both ‘orrible little bloodsuckers. First, a picture of this [...]


Intruder Alert! I was walking around my pool area the other day investigating some slight damage that may have been caused by our recent floods. My friend Beninoz was with me, and he noticed one of the bricks of the patio flooring seemed to be raised a little higher than the others. So he lifted [...]


When I spoke last week about very small Australian bad things, I mentioned that there was one tiny itsy-bitsy small Australian bad thing of which we have plenty, with some of them known to kill. I was referring to ants. Here, in just the Brisbane area alone, we have Jumper Ants, Giant Bull Ants, Greenhead [...]


Today I will cover some very small Australian Bad Things. This one, not so small…. I found this Hedge Grasshopper having a nose around my garage. He was probably 3 inches long (90mm). He actually turned his head to look into the camera. I’m sure he would have smiled if he had the required facial [...]