Birthday Party


When you move to Australia, the big challenge is settling in. I’ve mentioned it many times around this website that it is crucial that you put in the effort to make new friends. Not always the easiest of tasks, depending on where you live and what your circumstances are. The first four months that we [...]


Red Carpet Day in Brisbane’s Western Suburbs. I suppose you could say we’ve had another groundbreaking event in terms of our lives here in Australia. It was a busy weekend, complete with red carpet… As we prepared to party with the stars….. We had 21 stars turn up in all and everyone had their handprint [...]

Australia magazine

Australia & New Zealand Magazine Pt 2. You will, no doubt, recall me announcing with some pride my appearance in the UK magazine Australia & New Zealand as a columnist in their series called Expat Diary. If you haven’t yet read my first ever article to appear on the shelves in a national UK Magazine [...]


Well, despite the continued rain there was one event last week that we couldn’t cancel or postpone. Come rain or shine it was going to go ahead, and go ahead it did. This also answers the question of what I did at the weekend. It was party time! Not big tall people drinking too much [...]


I often mention how there is always something to do every weekend here and always something different. The problem with that is all those little maintenance jobs around the house tend to get neglected as you go gallivanting off having fun each weekend. This weekend my wife asked if I fancied going to the Coolum [...]