King Parrot

Obviously this isn’t the 70s anymore so nobody, but nobody, misunderstood and everybody knows for sure that the friendly bird, indeed beautiful bird that I met the other day can fly through the air with ease and likes to chirp. So, let’s start with a picture, just so that you can see how beautiful this [...]


Do humans look like they can fly? Do people on bikes look as though they are just about to turn a vertical, and cycle up the side of the tree? Do kids walking home from school, satchels over their backs, look as though they are about to climb trees for fun? No! So what’s with [...]


One mans fearless exploration of his own back garden. They tell me that Brisbane is the bird capital of Australia with over 370 native and introduced species recorded in the area. I think most of them live in my back garden. The other week I was complaining about our noisy new neighbour, today I want [...]