Binge Drinking


Nanny state laws, that’s what I really hate! My days of drinking in pubs and clubs until 5 AM in the morning are long behind me. But a big night out on the town is a big part of life for younger people, it’s what entices them to live in big cities. For most people, [...]


This is a post that was originally an article in Australia and New Zealand magazine. I usually reprint articles about a month or so after they’ve appeared in print, but this one was featured in the magazine’s February 2012 issue. I’ve been holding back for a reason, because this week is Schoolies Week. Now, at [...]


I have mentioned in previous posts and also in my free ebook “20 Reasons Why YOU Should Move to Australia” (you have read that haven’t you? If not grab your free copy just to the right on this webpage) that teenagers here are nowhere near as out of control as they are back in the [...]