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Sunny Coast

If you think you’ve just had a déjà vu moment, you haven’t. The title is just incredibly similar to last week’s post Cycling on the Gold Coast: The Hinterland, Beaches and Charity. Let me explain. Last week we saw three videos about cycling on the Gold Coast, but anything that Goldie can do, the Sunny [...]


As the commentator says in one of the videos coming up today, the car is king in Sydney and cyclists need to be brave. So what’s it really like to ride a bike around the streets of Australia’s busiest city? I have no idea, I’ve never tried and I no longer even own a bike, [...]


I try to travel is much that can and so far I’ve done well, I’ve been to 8 out of 10 of the major cities with just Perth and Canberra to go. I’ve been to many more towns and cities though, not just whilst on my Australian road trip either; I’ve made separate trips to [...]