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Hot off the press today we have a brand-new survey to share with you, and you know how much we love a good survey here on Bobinoz. It’s not so much surveys though, I think it’s ‘best lists’. You can’t beat a good best list. We’ve done Best Cities in Australia, Best Cities in the [...]


So far in our ‘cycle to’ series we have been Cycling in Adelaide, we’ve ridden through Stromlo Forest Park in Canberra and we have also peddled in Perth, both in the city and along the Fremantle Track. This week we are… Cycling in Melbourne Melbourne has a bike share scheme, it’s called, yes, you’ve guessed [...]


We currently live in the world where there seems there’s an app for everything, and there is probably one somewhere that can comfortably tell you the best city in the world in which to live. Here at Bobinoz, we still like surveys. Today is a triple treat as I bring you surveys surveys surveys! It’s interesting [...]


Continuing on with my short series of Friday videos about Australia’s most liveable cities, this week it is the turn of Hobart. Hobart, of course, is in Tasmania, an island about the size of, er, Ireland. Well, Ireland is about 25% bigger, but that’s near enough. Hobart is the island’s capital city, and Errol Flynn [...]


Those of you who read my post on Wednesday will know that Adelaide topped a poll commissioned by a company called the Property Council of Australia. What was it for? Well, for the third year running Adelaide has been voted Australia’s most liveable city by Australians who live in Australia. This particular survey has only [...]


It was over two years ago that I wrote my post And the Best City in Australia to Live in Is.. and anyone who did read that article will know the result at that time was Adelaide. This particular poll, which was released March this year, was conducted on behalf of the Property Council of [...]


As you probably all know, here at we love a good survey. Well, such a survey was released on January 22nd but, at the time, there was so much going on that it slipped me by. But thankfully, today, nothing major has happened which is great news, and gives me the chance to tell [...]