I think most of you must know by now that I love Australia. I live in Brisbane, and I love Brisbane too. Regular readers will also have noticed that I love beer, not lager type beer, but bitter. Imagine my delight then, when I was doing beer shopping for Christmas, to see a new brew [...]


I’ve been robbed! It was my own fault; I shouldn’t have gone in there. I mean, look at it, from the outside, it looks dark and dingy. In fact, this place didn’t even dare call it self anything, there’s no name above it at all. Inside, there was no service at the bar, just waitress [...]

comedy club

Last week, me and three of my pals had a night out over at the comedy club in Albion. Albion is a suburb just a 10 minute taxi drive north of the city of Brisbane. Actually, the evening was billed as an “Adult Magic” night, but from where I was sitting, it was 90% adult [...]


A major concern for many people thinking of moving to Australia is will I miss my friends? Will I make new friends? I’ve asked these questions before in previous posts and given my thoughts and ideas on them. It is such an important part of the “moving to Australia” process, that I included my previous [...]


Australian Beers and Beer Measures In my earlier post about drinking and driving in Australia, I mentioned I’d had two Cascade Lights and they were only schooners. I promised I would clear all that up and so I will. Mids, Lights and Heavies.   We never much had this sort of thing in England, but [...]