Those who have read my previous posts on this subject will know that here in Australia Mothers Day and Fathers Day are both celebrated on a different date than they are in the UK. Whilst the UK is out of sync with the rest of the world on Mothers Day, for Fathers Day its Australia [...]


Life couldn’t be better, could it? Imagine the scene: You are relaxing by the Yarra River in Melbourne, enjoying a barbecue with loved ones. You spot a hawk circling nearby and you admire the powerful bird of prey. Then something really unusual and scary happens. Yes, today is video day and the title of the [...]

A Mother’s Day Barbecue on Mount Glorious thumbnail

If you have read my first ever post about Mother’s Day in Australia, you will know that we celebrate it the second Sunday in May along with over 70 other countries around the world. The UK isn’t one of them, they have Mother’s Day on the fourth Sunday in lent, usually in March sometime, along [...]

Easter Fun on Good Friday in Shorncliffe, Brisbane thumbnail

Some of you may have noticed that there was no post on either Friday of last week or Monday of this. That, you won’t be surprised to hear, was down to the Easter break. So what’s Easter like in Australia? Well, a few years ago we went spent Easter at the Festival of Sails, Redcliffe, [...]


Was it really just over three weeks ago that I was whingeing about the cold weather here? Yes, on 17 July I wrote my traditional post comparing temperatures in the middle of Brisbane’s winter with London’s summer, and London thrashed us. As I said at the time, London had romped home with a winning distance [...]


It’s amazing that we have lived here in Brisbane, same house, for more than five years and it wasn’t until about a month ago that we heard about one of our local beauty spots, JC Slaughter Falls. A friend of my wife’s mentioned it to her. What is so amazing about this place is it’s [...]

D’Aguilar Range

Just over a year ago we had a barbecue at a place called Camp Mountain Lookout as part of my birthday celebrations. This weekend, as part of Mrs BobinOz’s birthday celebrations, we went back. Well, the views are stunning as you will have remembered if you watched the video on my last post about it, [...]

Australia’s Free Barbeque Areas thumbnail

This is what life in Australia is all about. I was in Fig Tree Pocket the other day, that’s a little suburb in Western Brisbane. I was checking out the free barbecue facilities. If you have two minutes to spare, why don’t you check out those BBQ’s with me. Why would you want to do [...]