Bank Holiday Mondays

Labour Day

Yes, today has been Labour Day here in Queensland; we used to celebrate this day in May, but now we celebrate it in October. Obviously you knew that having read my post All About Australian Bank Holidays. I’m not sure why they changed it, but if you like your bank holidays hot, it’s probably been [...]


Today I would have loved to have told you all about my Saturday night out. Me and a few of my friends took ourselves over to the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane to watch the British and Irish Lions take on the Queensland Reds in rugby union. But, unfortunately, I can’t tell you about it because… [...]


When indeed! On the 13th June, 2011, we celebrated the Queen’s Birthday here in Australia by having the day off. You can read about that in my post called It’s Great to Be a Queen. In 2010 it was June 14, as you will know from my post called Another Queensland Bank Holiday Monday! And [...]

Labour Day

Today, in Queensland, it is Labour Day, as in May Day 2012….. … and therefore a bank holiday Monday. So we have all got the day off; today is a day to chill. But I can’t! Something is bugging me! It’s been bugging me for six days now, ever since I wrote my post Australia’s [...]


We’ve got a day off today for the Queen’s Birthday. Have you? But, of course, it’s not HRH’s big day today. Last year I did a post about the Queen’s Birthday and I asked the question… ‘I’m not sure how old she is today, or even if today is her actual birthday. After all, nobody [...]


Last Thursday I mentioned that we had arranged a very special day out on bank holiday Monday. I promise you I would post about it today, so here I am. True to my word. A Day at the Races Where is our racecourse? We had a day at the races at…… No, not Ascot! Eagle [...]