back garden


Yesterday a company was fined $300,000 by Federal Court because the eggs they sold as ‘free range’ were not. The judgement set the standard for what free range has to be as Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Rod Sims explained… “Previously there was some uncertainty about what free range means. The court has said [...]


Time for another reprint of an article I wrote for Australia and New Zealand magazine; this one appeared in their January edition. It was a particularly cold January in the UK with snow, ice, freezing fog and at one point temperatures as low as -12° C. Even daytime temperatures struggled to get above freezing. So, [...]


It’s not been a good week, has it? It doesn’t get much worse than Mondays post, which involved a snakebite fatality. Wednesday’s post did nothing to cheer you up after that, it was about cockroaches. Both of these posts sit firmly under the category of “Australia’s Bad Things“, which is, of course, full of bad [...]

It’s been almost 2 years since I wrote my post strange Australian back garden beastie sounds. Today, I have a triple feature for you, three lots of strange beastie sounds not from my back garden but from my friends back gardens! Unlike before, this time I’m pretty sure I know who is making the music. [...]


Over the last couple of weeks my back garden has just got noisier and noisier. At times I think I must be living in the middle of the jungle. It’s only when I remind myself that Coles supermarket is just five minutes down the road that I realise I’d don’t. Last night, as the noise [...]