It crossed my mind a few days ago that our evenings have started to get a bit cooler and then, all of a sudden, I realised… It’s autumn! And as at the first of this month, indeed it was autumn. Autumn When I left England in November 2007, it was also autumn, here’s a very [...]

The Olgas

OK, the love affair with shorts is over! Yesterday my sister and brother-in-law jumped on a plane headed back to Old Blighty and they took the rain with them, just as they had bought it here in the first place. Or had they? I’ll come to that in a minute and also explain my heading [...]

mt nebo

As the UK enters spring, we have just begun autumn. The 90°F heat of today, if our usual weather patterns prevail, will gradually fall down to a steady 75°F (24°c) by the end of May. Then it will be winter. Brisbane’s autumns are just fantastic.