Australia’s wildlife


It’s the end of the week and as regular readers will know, I like to take a look around to see what’s been happening in Australia elsewhere. Then I like to include a YouTube video about it. Easy. So what’s been happening over the last few weeks in Australia? Well, The Wiggles were live in [...]


I recently received an email from Warwick who is a regular reader of this website. Warwick is also pretty good with his camera, you may remember that he provided some excellent pictures for my post about Housing Styles in Australia and the UK Compared. Well, Warwick has been at his camera again, this time capturing [...]


I’ve seen a lot of weird, wonderful and beautiful things since living here in Australia. Some I caught on camera, others were too fast or unexpected, so I missed them. It’s pretty easy to tell just by reading the following article which were which, even easier because those that were too fast or unexpected don’t [...]