Of course, the show is really called Australia’s Got Talent, and it has! Maybe not as much talent as other countries, but then we don’t have as many people. But talent isn’t everything; equally important in my view would be confidence, belief and character. And Australia has certainly got characters. I was watching the show [...]


Australians have had some fantastic ideas in the past. Among my favourites are dual flush toilets, the wine cask which gives us wine in a box (right) and the splayd, a combination of knife, fork and spoon all in one. Great for barbeques. Australia can be proud of its long list of inventions. In 2000 [...]

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is currently out of the country. But I reckon she stays in touch with what is happening here in Australia by reading my blog. How else can we explain her recent statement in which she suggested that the Australian people have disengaged with the republic debate as a result of [...]


Except for one thing. Australia and Australians aren’t best buddies with bunnies. In fact, the little fluffy, furry, foot thumping, floppy eared, warren dwelling mammals are a pain in the fauna in the land down under. We hate them! It’s illegal to own a rabbit in many Australian states. But why do we have such [...]


Today is Australia day. Last year I joked whether Australia Day would go ahead because of the tragic events surrounding Doug the baby koala. That’s all we had going on back then! That story was BIG news! But this year the news doesn’t mention koala’s much and we have a real tragedy to recover from [...]


Last Sunday we popped over to Fortitude Valley. We are having a Halloween party tomorrow night and Mrs BobinOz deemed that we were short of one tall drinking table out in the garden. So on Saturday we went-a table shopping and found the table we wanted in a store over at Jindalee. It was called [...]

cane toad

Regular readers will know that since the start of this year, I have reduced the number of posts from 5 to 3 a week. So these days, I don’t usually write a post on Thursdays. But today I have made an exception for two reasons. Firstly, tomorrow is Good Friday so I’m going to give [...]


I woke up in a hot sweat the other night. But that’s something you just have to get used to during the summers here in Australia. But while I was lying there, trying to get back to sleep, I had this thought. I didn’t actually address Vivienne’s comment when she said “I do love the [...]