Time to conclude my short but very pleasant BobinUSA week. On Monday we had The Grand Canyon and Uluru Compared and on Wednesday USA versus Australia: Price Comparisons. Regular readers will know that I like to end the week with a video, so I went searching for a lighthearted YouTube about what Americans think of [...]


Australian ‘culture’ has had a colourful portrayal in the media over the years. In the 70s we had Monty Python suggesting all blokes were called Bruce, loved beer and hated ‘poofters’. Australian comedian Barry Humphries further enhanced the world’s perception of Australian culture with his fictional character Barry McKenzie. In the 1972 film ‘The Adventures [...]

Uncle Sam

Over the last five weeks not only have we looked at the four countries that make up the United Kingdom, but we have also covered Australians in Australia which is only fair, they were here first. So, it’s the end of the series, surely? Not so; like a dog with a bone, I never know [...]


As I mentioned on Monday in my post about Crime Rates, we love a good survey here on BobinOz. But what makes us laugh like a drain is a really bad survey. A Really Bad Survey Australian cities amongst most expensive in the world are the kind of shock horror headlines that greeted any of [...]

James Bond Island

Ok, enough of this BobinThailand stuff; I’m back in Oz now. Time to start talking about life in Australia again. But before I do, it would be rude of me to not at least mention that we all had a fantastic time in Phuket. I clearly had some concerns about the weather before I left, [...]

beer can

This was my 14th article for Australia and New Zealand magazine and appeared in their July edition this year. The big surprise, for me, was that it took so long until I talked about my favourite subject. Beer. “I’ll have half.” No you won’t! I’ll come to that in a minute. Australia is a beer [...]

After the excitement of last weekend’s whale watching trip, which was closely followed by Wednesdays Ekka day out, I decided that I should take it easy this weekend. So I did. Others didn’t though, as you will see. Question: What do Australians do when they get angry? Like most countries, Australians protest and, occasionally, riot. [...]


Today, I want you to meet Hilda…… …..and talk about living comfortably in Australia. But what is comfort? As you know, we like a good survey here at BobinOz. Sometimes we even like bad surveys, like the one that said Adelaide was the best city in Australia. But what has that got to do with [...]