Australian Tv


Like most countries, Australia has “terrestrial” TV and “subscription” TV. I’ve mentioned the TV channels before in my post called What’s On Television in Australia? I’ve also mentioned subscription TV in my post about English Football on Australian Television. Now I want to talk about one particular channel on the free terrestrial television service, it’s [...]

Andrew Wishart

This week the Australian version of The X-Factor began a new series on television. From what I can see, the program appears to be on almost every night, lasting over an hour for each one. So I won’t be watching it, no way will I spend that much of my time watching wannabee’s warbling. But [...]

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is currently out of the country. But I reckon she stays in touch with what is happening here in Australia by reading my blog. How else can we explain her recent statement in which she suggested that the Australian people have disengaged with the republic debate as a result of [...]

Dick Williams

It’s been five weeks since I last posted a light-hearted YouTube video on this blog. Events around Queensland and other parts of Australia kind of put a stop to that regular feature. Now though feels like the right time to bring it back. With not one, but two videos. A Top Australian TV Program. One [...]


………… go to sleep. Regular readers will know I am a complete football nut and I have explained in the past what great football coverage we have here in Australia in my post called English football on Australian TV. So it was with great excitement that I looked forward to watching my first World Cup [...]

It’s been a while since I last talked about Australian TV. In fact, it was almost a year ago when I first told you about what’s on television in Australia; I followed that up with a post about the English Premier League football coverage on Foxtel and ended my little TV trilogy with a more [...]


What are the odds on that? Last week, you may recall, I smashed my video camera and I smashed my elbow during the heavy rainfall . Well, the elbow was bad and so was the camera. The camera repair shop telephoned me today to confirm that it has indeed taken its last movie. So this [...]


I expect last weeks post about football on digital TV did an efficient job of selling the Foxtel package to any red bloodied football loving fanatic. But how are you going to sell a $100 plus package to your better half? You can, of course, just go for the Sports Pack and the basic channels [...]