australian state schools


It’s been a long time since I wrote my post Cost of Living in Australia: School Fees, over three years to be a little more precise. In that article I said… “First, let me make it clear that these are the fees that apply to Australian citizens and permanent residents. If you are here on [...]


Elizabeth, my young daughter, breaks up from school at the end of the week for the winter break. Elizabeth has had three full years at school now, although the first one was her “prep” year, which is voluntary. So she has completed year two and is now halfway through year three. And what starts in [...]


Pullenvale is a small town about 10 minutes from where I lived. When I say small, I mean small; it has a population of a little over 3,000. It also has a school. This school was established 135 years ago. As you know, most schools have an annual event, normally called the school fete. But [...]

First School Report

On Friday it was the last day of the second school term of the year. So today is the first day of my daughters two week holiday. As much as she loves school I think she’s looking forward to this break. My wife is going to love it too, she has missed having fun days [...]