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Barefoot Bowls; Lawn Bowls Without Shoes? thumbnail

Barefoot and bowls are two words I really never imagined I’d be saying in succession any time during my life. But now I have, many times, and I have also written about it for Australia and New Zealand magazine. What is it? Try and stay with this; it’s bowls, on the lawn, just like usual, [...]


As you know, I was away last weekend, busying myself with 20 Things to Do on the Sunshine Coast. One thing lots of people did last weekend on the Sunshine Coast, in fact all around Australia, was watch the NRL Grand Final. NRL, of course, is the National Rugby League. Personally I didn’t get overly [...]

5 a side

This may sound like a story about football, but it could be a story around any sport or hobby. It could be basketball, croquet, bowls, chess, tennis, Scrabble, dominoes, darts, fish keeping, gardening, squash, yoga; I could go on, maybe I already have. And for those of you who thought I was joking when I [...]