Australian Spiders


The natural tendency when confronted by a spider that’s almost the size of your own hand is to be scared, very scared. In the eight years I’ve lived in Australia so far though, I’ve learned to like one of Australia’s biggest spiders, the Huntsman spider. And that’s what I decided to write about for Australia [...]

funnel web

Having broken the silence a couple of articles back to start talking about Australia’s Bag Things in my column for Australia and New Zealand magazine, I found I could no longer stop. I was singing like a bird, which reminds me, I must tell them about the cassowary. Anyway, after opening the can of worms [...]

huntsmans fangs

Once a year, around this time each year, we have our house sprayed for pest control. It costs around $250 and I wrote about the last time we had it done in my post called Good News for Those Scared of Australian Spiders and Creepy Crawlies. Time, I think, that we have it redone. But [...]


We had our third annual pest control service on Monday. I have mentioned these before, but it’s only now that I feel I can accurately assess what I think of the service we have had so far. First, let’s recap: When we moved in to our Australian home back in November 2007, the occupants were [...]

not a funnel web spider

Many people would love to live in Australia and dream of moving here at some point. But also for many the fear of snakes and spiders in Australia may just be enough to put them off the idea. So what’s it really like when you do live in Australia? Acclimatisation – getting used to Australian [...]

australian spiders

Two weeks ago in my post about spiders I gave you the bad news. Today as promised, although one week later than expected due to the Giant Bull Ant invasion, I give you the good news. Good News about Spiders #1 I have never yet met a spider who didn’t think that it became invisible [...]