Australian Slang


Australian ‘culture’ has had a colourful portrayal in the media over the years. In the 70s we had Monty Python suggesting all blokes were called Bruce, loved beer and hated ‘poofters’. Australian comedian Barry Humphries further enhanced the world’s perception of Australian culture with his fictional character Barry McKenzie. In the 1972 film ‘The Adventures [...]

QLD Transport

Once again, the weekend is approaching and once again I’ll be up to something. But this weekend that something is pretty weird, I can assure you. I know it sounds crazy to ask you to try and guess what that is, but I am going to ask anyway. Here goes. Can you guess what it [...]


I recently mentioned the Australians’ penchant for shortening words and ending them with “o”. You probably think this is laziness and slang. Here are some more examples in a short story. Perhaps you and a relo (relative) decide to go to the bottle-o (liquor shop, off license). But when you get there you realise you [...]