Australian Outback


Here’s something unusual, a post NOT written by me. The Australian Outback. Endless stretches of red desert eventually blurring into bright blue horizons…this popular image immediately evokes Australia’s infamous Outback. If you love wide open spaces – and the thrill of quickly spotting the odd kangaroo! – a drive through the Outback will become a [...]

We have a lot of strange and unusual creatures in the Australian outback, and I’ve written about quite a few. We’ve got… Camels. Wild Buffalo. Dingoes. Brumby’s. So it just can’t get any weirder, can it? Hold on a minute! Didn’t my post two weeks ago about Feral pigs start in exactly the same way? [...]


Jungle Law on My Window Pane In a slight departure from the norm here on BobinOz, today’s post covers bodily excretions, sex, mutilation, death and bad language. So, let’s get started! I want to share something with you about the smallest room in our house. Yes, I want to talk about my toilet. At night, [...]


If you travel into the deepest, darkest depths of the western suburbs of Brisbane, you will eventually arrive at a small community called Moggill. Once a year Moggill has a fete. That once a year was yesterday. I live quite close to Moggill, so there are no prizes for guessing where we went on Sunday. [...]