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Dick Williams

It’s been five weeks since I last posted a light-hearted YouTube video on this blog. Events around Queensland and other parts of Australia kind of put a stop to that regular feature. Now though feels like the right time to bring it back. With not one, but two videos. A Top Australian TV Program. One [...]

les murray

On Friday I showed you a couple of clips from former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s farewell speech. The entire speech did go on a bit, way too long for anybody to have to listen to a politician. So that’s why I didn’t subject you to all of it. No, instead I chose to show [...]


It’s been a tough weekend here in Australia. On Friday, just a couple of hours after I posted my roundup of the news, Doug the baby koala passed away. Tomorrow is Australia Day here, a national holiday and a day of celebration. In light of poor Doug, it will be a true test of this [...]