Australian Holiday


We are now well and truly into the final week of the long school summer holidays. Elizabeth broke up from school on 14 December and will return on Tuesday the 29th of this month. Monday will be a bank holiday because this year, Australia Day (26 January) falls on a Saturday, so we are all [...]


We’ve got a day off today for the Queen’s Birthday. Have you? But, of course, it’s not HRH’s big day today. Last year I did a post about the Queen’s Birthday and I asked the question… ‘I’m not sure how old she is today, or even if today is her actual birthday. After all, nobody [...]


As those of you who read Monday’s article will know, I am now on holiday. But I still did want to put a post online today provided I could get an Internet connection here in Adelaide. Well, I can. But hold on! I’m supposed to be on holiday, shouldn’t I take a rest? No worries, [...]