The Dish

Update: Sami’s blog is no longer online, so you can’t visit her website to read my guest post. No worries though, you can still click on this link to read about Our Australian Roadtrip: The Highlights. So no need to read this then…. You may recall a couple of weeks ago we had our first [...]

Open Roads

Driving in Australia. Is it a safer? A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about driving in Australia and the RBT. I ended that post by saying “But hopefully, because of these RBT’s, Australia’s roads are safer. I am only guessing.” Well, I sure was guessing! Britain 3,201 people were killed on Britain’s [...]


Australian Beers and Beer Measures In my earlier post about drinking and driving in Australia, I mentioned I’d had two Cascade Lights and they were only schooners. I promised I would clear all that up and so I will. Mids, Lights and Heavies.   We never much had this sort of thing in England, but [...]

Australian Beaches in Winter

In Friday’s post I informed you that I was not here, I was in Maroochydore. That information was incorrect. A Very Public Apology. This blog makes every effort to be factually correct at all times but on this occasion, it is with great regret that I have to inform you that……. my wife made a [...]

The Fall

Australia’s Music Scene A couple of weeks ago I wrote about some of the top icons of Q150 in a post called Queensland’s Hall of Fame. I covered the first three categories which were about people and institutions. Today, I want to add a quick update on Queensland’s most influential artists, just hold on a [...]

cane toads

Since…….. Yes, the week before last I was talking to you about fire ants and the danger they pose to Australia. Indeed, one source described them as the greatest ecological threat this country has seen since…………….. This ugly little critter. Of course, it is the cane toad. Before I tell you about the cane toad [...]


One of my readers in the UK has requested that I do a post about the bad stuff. He says I’m making Australia look like paradise and it’s making him depressed. He needs cheering up, but he’s read about….


A very wise man, back in the UK, once told me the secret to finding a parking space. Let’s call it the parking space trick. The Parking Space Trick. Location: England. We have all been in this situation before. You want to pop into your local busy town to do some quick shopping. You are, [...]