Restaurant Week

It is worth pointing out that here in Australia everything is a little spaced out. And I’m not talking about “Alice in Wonderland” space out, I mean the distances between places. I was reminded of this on Saturday when we decided to nip down to Broadbeach for a bite to eat and a stroll around. [...]


I said a while ago that if Bobby Andonov did not win Australia’s Got Talent, I’d eat my hat….. along with all the corks…… Well, last Tuesday Bobby Andonov did not win Australia’s Got Talent. Dang! But then I had a good idea he wouldn’t win when he sang that stupid Christina Aguilera song. As [...]


As they say, “When it rains, it pours”. I have no intention of turning this blog into The Weather Channel, (as I said last winter) but over this last week or so the talk here has been all about the weather. I’ve already mentioned the towns that have been flooded in south-west Queensland, but following [...]


I had an email from a reader called Dottianne the other day, and she has rightly pointed out that the pictures of the possums over at my post called Strange Australian Back Garden Beastie Sound Explained are not, how can I break this to you, possums. They are both “opossums”. Click the link above, check [...]


I have no intention of getting all political on this blog, after all, it is purely about what it’s really like to live in Australia. But I couldn’t let this one pass by without a mention. The big news out here, which I’m sure you have heard about, is who hit who? Yes, I’m talking [...]


Sun, sea, sand, glorious clear blue skies, beaches, barbecues, beers, beautiful weather, swimming pools, fun, it’s what Australia is all about! But not this weekend. Without wanting to sound like a whingeing Pom, I am about to sound like a whingeing Pom. Living in a subtropical climate has many benefits, a few of which I [...]


Regular readers will know that, come the weekend, we usually try to find something different to do. But not this weekend. This weekend was all about work. Firstly, my daughter Elizabeth had a dress rehearsal for her up and coming Christmas concert, a three hour extravaganza in which she will display her recently acquired talent [...]


Comedian Billy Connolly describes the stonefish as looking kind of cute, a bit like the drummer out of The Muppets. He says that whilst telling a four minute long joke called “the worst pain known to man”. And apparently, being stung by a stonefish is just that. So, best avoided. Anyone who read my post [...]