I’ve written quite a few posts about beer… Australia’s Best Beers and Lagers by BobinOz The Price of a Night Out With the Boys Lights, Heavies, Mids and Schooners Explained Cost of Living in Australia: Alcohol. This Week: Beer Australia Versus England: Beer and Pubs Cheap Australian Beer Anybody? … to name but a few. [...]


It’s time for another reprinting of an article I did for Australia and New Zealand magazine. And what great timing this one is! At the moment, here in Australia, we are in the midst of a sporting scandal. It has been described as Australian sports darkest moment. In brief, the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) and [...]


The chances of us getting a white Christmas here in Australia, anywhere in Australia, can pretty much be summed up by the old phrase “a snowballs chance in hell”. Australia, of course, isn’t hell, but it is hot at this time of year. But the people down at Movie World… … don’t agree, they have [...]


As I said on Wednesday, Australia isn’t so hot on real Christmas trees. But we have plenty of these things and I find them quite fascinating. What are they? They are called cycads, and you won’t find them growing in Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium or Great Britain where most of the world’s Christmas trees are [...]

It would be wrong of me to write articles such as Australian Snakes and Death: Continued, if I wasn’t also prepared to write about snakes when a fatality occurs. I have always defended snakes and played down the dangers they present to the residents of Australia. With good reason too; anyone who has read that [...]


The Queen. Of course, as I was out of the country, the Queen was in it. She was on her 16th visit to Australia. I’m sure both here in Australia and back in the UK, the news has been full of stories about her tour. So I am going to zoom forward to her very [...]


Okay, now even I am worried about myself. I would have hoped that by now I could have made some kind of inter-web connection thingy, so that I could have brought you my first ever live post as BobinThailand. But this is not live. I preloaded this post into my WordPress schedule before I left [...]

I imagine it must have been about 6 to 8 weeks ago we decided to have our first international holiday from Australia. Of all the countries in all the world, we chose Thailand. As you almost certainly know, the capital of Thailand is Bangkok, and that is where we flew in to on Thursday of [...]