Australia Weather


When we first arrived in Australia back in November 2007, we appeared to bring the British weather with us. Australia was in the midst of an ever worsening drought. All the talk was of saving water and “every drop counts” was the mantra of the South East Queensland Water Corporation. Even before we’d left England, [...]


Two weeks I probably scared quite a few of you with my post about the arrival of spring and with it the waking of the snakes. Then at the end of last week I may have scared a few more of you with my post about swooping magpies attacking people. As these posts were separated [...]

The Olgas

OK, the love affair with shorts is over! Yesterday my sister and brother-in-law jumped on a plane headed back to Old Blighty and they took the rain with them, just as they had bought it here in the first place. Or had they? I’ll come to that in a minute and also explain my heading [...]


Has anybody noticed that I haven’t spoken about the weather since 24th of March? Let’s sort that ridiculous situation out right now. The four seasons in Australia. I was sure I had written a post elsewhere on this blog about the four seasons here in Australia, but I can’t find it. So I thought today [...]


The holiday is over. Now I am reduced to talking about the weather. But hey! I’m English, and that’s what we do. As I write this I know that the whole of the UK is covered in a blanket of snow. As usual schools, buses, trains and, it would seem that life in general has [...]