Australia Day

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Yes, it’s Australia Day today… We Interrupt This Holiday for…erm… A Holiday! The Australia Day Party Is On! The Problem with Australia Day As an Australian, it is my duty to drink beer and NOT do any work. So I’ll be off then. Catch you later.

Australia Day

It’s Australia Day on Sunday; Australia Day is 26 January every year. I’ve mentioned Australia Day several times before on this website, for example… We Interrupt This Holiday for…erm… A Holiday! The Australia Day Party Is On! Becoming an Australian Citizen So what’s the problem with Australia Day? The Australia Day holiday always comes right [...]

What does it mean to be Australian? Here, in Australia, we have a couple of current affairs programmes. One is called Today Tonight and the other is simply called A Current Affair. They are both on every weekday evening after the news at 6.30 PM. One is on Channel 7 and the other on Channel [...]


Tomorrow is Australia Day. I won’t explain what that is, I’ll assume you’ve read my post about Australia Day from three years ago. Or perhaps you’ve read about the Australia Day party I went to a couple of years back. Last year, almost all Australia Day parties became charity events, raising money for those affected [...]


As you know, I recently received a letter from Immigration Minister Chris Bowen informing me that my application for Australian citizenship had been approved. He also said I would soon receive an invitation from his department about my Australian citizenship ceremony. And I have. My, or rather our ceremony will take place on Australia Day, [...]


Today is Australia day. Last year I joked whether Australia Day would go ahead because of the tragic events surrounding Doug the baby koala. That’s all we had going on back then! That story was BIG news! But this year the news doesn’t mention koala’s much and we have a real tragedy to recover from [...]


As I mentioned in my most recent post, which was about our Australia Day celebrations, the Wednesday following Australia Day saw all of our school kids returning after the long summer holidays. First -the back to school news. How was Elizabeth’s first day at REAL school? As you probably know, she’s been at real school [...]


I mentioned on Monday that I’d been invited to an Australia Day party but wasn’t sure whether it would go ahead in view of the tragic events surrounding poor Doug the koala. But with true Australian spirit, we pressed on and we partied! But first, what is Australia Day? Fortunately, I explained a bit about [...]