Time to conclude my short but very pleasant BobinUSA week. On Monday we had The Grand Canyon and Uluru Compared and on Wednesday USA versus Australia: Price Comparisons. Regular readers will know that I like to end the week with a video, so I went searching for a lighthearted YouTube about what Americans think of [...]


For some people the idea of emigrating to Australia represents “a move too far”. To be 11,000 miles from all those friends, acquaintances, loved ones and relatives is often just too hard to bear. You can argue to yourself that they will, of course, visit. Hey! – it can be even better. Where you used [...]


After staying up until 3 o’clock in the morning watching Premiere league football (I will NOT call it soccer! the Aussies picked the wrong horse with that) I was a little bleary eyed behind the wheel the following morning. After about an hour driving, my eyelids said “No”. So I swapped seats with the wife. [...]