Yes, it was seven years ago exactly to the day when me, Mrs Bob and a tiny Elizabeth stepped off the plane to set foot on Brisbane soil and called this city our home. To mark the occasion the Queensland Government has declared today a public holiday for all the residents of Brisbane, which is [...]


Since we moved here to Australia, we’ve had several important milestones. I thought I would try and list the top five. In typical ‘pop pickers’ fashion, let’s count this down in reverse. In at number five… On a Monday evening in October 2009 after having lived here for almost 2 years, something very strange happened [...]

the sea

…..Nearly Yesterday we celebrated two years since we left England. Tomorrow we will celebrate two years of living in Australia. Today, we are on our way to the destination of our second celebration. We decided it would be nice to mark the anniversary by doing something special. But we thought it would be a little [...]


Two years ago to the day, almost to the hour as I write this, (its 6:30 p.m. here in Australia, so it’s around half eight in the morning back in the England), I was waking up in the UK for the very last time. So today I am celebrating two years since we left England. [...]