As those of you who read Monday’s article will know, I am now on holiday. But I still did want to put a post online today provided I could get an Internet connection here in Adelaide. Well, I can. But hold on! I’m supposed to be on holiday, shouldn’t I take a rest? No worries, [...]


I feel such a fool. All the effort I have put into my category Australia’s Bad Things, with 46 post so far and probably more than 30,000 words and now I discover how I could have covered it all so much quicker. A couple of comedians managed to condense it into just over a minute! [...]


The holiday is over. Now I am reduced to talking about the weather. But hey! I’m English, and that’s what we do. As I write this I know that the whole of the UK is covered in a blanket of snow. As usual schools, buses, trains and, it would seem that life in general has [...]