March 2016

Easter Fun on Good Friday in Shorncliffe, Brisbane thumbnail

Some of you may have noticed that there was no post on either Friday of last week or Monday of this. That, you won't be surprised to hear, was down to the Easter break. Well, a few years ago we went spent Easter at the Festival of Sails, Redcliffe, in Moreton Bay. This year though [...]


In 2010 I wrote an article called Look Out! She’s Got a Gun! It looked at and compared the homicide, or murder rates as we Brits would say, between Australia, England and Wales and the USA. I had already decided I was doing an update on that post today and as part of that I [...]


Interesting Fact About Australia #5 appeared on these pages in May of last year, but you have to go back to 2009 to find Interesting Fact About Australia #4. So I thought I'd quicken the pace on this 'Interesting' series by releasing another 'Interesting Fact' today. Yes, this is an Australian prison. Bad people live [...]


Last week in my post Heading North of Perth into Midwest Australia I put up a stunning time-lapse video, it may even be the best video on this website. As at the time of writing, not a single comment on it. Undeterred, I have another timelapse video coming up today. Before that though, let's talk [...]


Last week the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) released their latest worldwide cost of living index and announced, once again, which city in the world is the most expensive to live in. And again, for the third year running, that city was Singapore... In previous years the release of this report has caused a bit of [...]


Last year I went to court, not just any court, The Supreme Court of Brisbane... Second floor, to be precise... Mission: Justice! Of course, I was innocent, completely. I lived for 30 years in the UK as an adult and not once was I called up for jury service. I became an Australian citizen in [...]


When I spent 10 Days in Perth last year, the furthest north I got was a town called Yanchep. Here is a photograph of Yanchep Beach looking in a northerly direction... As much as I would have loved to have travelled much further north than Yanchep, which is only about an hour from Perth, I [...]


I've just finished writing a brand-new article for Australia and New Zealand magazine. It's worn me out, it really has, I need to rest. I just don't have the energy to write tonight's post. That doesn't matter though, because I can publish a reprint of a different article I wrote for the magazine some time [...]