February 2016


We’ve done quite a lot of driving out of town recently. We first went Driving Out Of Town in Australia in January when we drove out of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. In February we drove out of Darwin and Adelaide along several Australian Roads with Very Few Cars on Them. Sandwiched in between those two [...]

Mt Tamborine

Mount Tamborine is known as the ‘Green behind the Gold’ because it’s very green and is just behind the Gold Coast, which is very gold. Sort of makes sense, doesn’t it? It’s one of the wonders of Australia that so many of our golden beaches on our almost never ending coastline have stunning and lush [...]


I know it was only a couple of weeks ago I reprinted my Australia and New Zealand magazine article about supermarkets in Australia, but I am running a little behind. I like to put these reprints online about a month after they’ve appeared in the magazine, so I’m running behind because this one appeared in [...]


On Sunday I popped round a friend’s house and during my brief visit I broke one of my own mini rules. The rule is simple, you may have already guessed it, it’s ‘beware the path less travelled with bushes either side.’ Something like this… In fairness to me, I didn’t know this was a path [...]


If you took part in the Austrivia quiz I published in my post called How Much Do You Really Know About the Land Down Under, then you would know exactly how fast kangaroos can run. And believe me, it is pretty fast. Here is a picture though of some cute kangaroos not running… If you’ve [...]


Today, again, in the news there was another story about somebody leaving their young child unattended and locked up in a parked car. This is a particularly dumb thing to do no matter what country you live in, but in a hot country, like Australia, it is stupidity of the highest order. But when it [...]


Let’s start this week with a little lightheartedness, with a pinch of humiliation. Don’t worry, the humiliation will be mine. I got an email from somebody called Emma last week, she wanted to know how much I really knew about the Land Down Under. She could see that I ran a website with loads and [...]


A couple of weeks ago in my post called Things To Do In and Around Coffs Harbour I put up a photograph of Dangar Falls which are in Dorrigo. I also posted two photographs of The Great Dividing Range, one of which looked like this… Dorrigo itself is in the Great Dividing Range, specifically the [...]