May 2015


At first it was a mystery to me how I missed this. Here we are almost halfway through 2015 and I never knew. It was only when I was reading a magazine just yesterday that I discovered the news. In the 2014 edition of their Australian guidebook, Lonely Planet named Brisbane as Australia’s ‘coolest city”. [...]


It’s been a long time since Interesting Fact About Australia #4, almost 6 years to be precise. It would be easy to assume I’d completely forgotten all about this series. But as I explained to SenpaiinOz, who commented on that very post and wanted to know where the fifth instalment was, these things do take [...]


As I wandered around the city streets during my 10 Days in Perth, Western Australia last month, it struck me that there didn’t seem to be many pubs around. The population of Perth is very similar to that of Brisbane, yet we seem to have more pubs here than they do over there. I made [...]


There was an article recently in our local free newspaper with the title ‘Plea to steer clear of roadside pademelons‘. For some people this headline probably raises a couple of questions; like ‘What is a pademelon?‘ or even ‘How do you pronounce pademelon?‘ Let’s cover the second question first… There, that was easy, but [...]


Time for another reprint of one of my Australia and New Zealand magazine articles, this one is on the highly contentious issue of house prices, both here and in the UK. Which country’s houses really are the cheapest? Or, more to the point, the most expensive? Before we push on with the article I want [...]


It was a strange weekend really. The girls had a go at wood sawing… The adults finished it off though… So now we are the proud owners of this… Elizabeth made a new friend… And she won some ribbons for displaying a guinea pig… Mind you, she had to borrow the guinea pig off her [...]


Time for a couple of nice and gentle riverside Friday videos. When I was in Western Australia last month, as you know, I spent Four Days in Margaret River. Well, not just me, Mrs Bob and Elizabeth as well. Or more than one occasion I had a slip of the tongue and instead of saying [...]

417 Visa Working Holiday Holders (WHV) and Slavery in Australia thumbnail

It’s a strange and scary title, I’ll explain it all in a bit. Before I do though, I want to say that this post isn’t for everybody, it’s probably really only of interest to very small minority of people. But this website is about ‘What it’s really like to live in Australia‘ and when something [...]