April 2015

Margaret River

There are quite a few travel websites around and some of them specialise in Australia. If you check out any of their Top 10 lists for places to visit, my bet is that Margaret River will feature in all of them. It would be absolutely nuts if it were not included. So when we decided [...]


Actually, not just 10 days in Perth, but 10 days in and around Perth including Margaret River, Fremantle and a place called Yanchep. Over the coming week I’ll be telling you all about it. And the bits I can’t fit in to this week I will come back to at some point. Let’s start with [...]


Tomorrow is Anzac Day. Yesterday, in Anzac Square, Brisbane, up to 4000 students from primary schools and secondary schools around south-east Queensland attended the Anzac Commemoration Ceremony for Students. Elizabeth was lucky enough to be one of the 25 children chosen to represent her school and Mrs Bob volunteered to go along as one of [...]


Australia is a big country, we all know that. It’s a country that contains six states and two territories, so eight different areas in all. A couple of days ago I was in one of those states, Western Australia. To be more precise, I was in Fremantle, just outside of Perth, on Monday. Having a [...]


Every year, as a bit of a tradition here on Bobinoz, I make a video summing up one of our whole full-years living in Australia. A whole full year is, of course, one that runs from January 1 through till December 31. We arrived in November 2007, so last year, 2014, was our seventh full [...]

Dung beetle

Well, it was the natural progression from Wednesdays post called Flies in Australia: How Bad Is It? There was a time in Australia, so I’ve heard, when the fly problem was very bad. Very very bad. Thanks to one little critter the situation has improved dramatically over the years and Australians most certainly have fewer [...]


I’ve been catching up on my Australia and New Zealand magazine articles lately and with this particular reprint, I will be up to date. When people think of Australia they often also think of flies in your face. Irritating, annoying, face pestering persistent flies. But how bad is it? For me, living here in Brisbane, [...]

Bottle shops

A couple of weeks ago I admitted to my love of beer in my post A Celebration of Beer in Brisbane: Brewsvegas. It struck me at the time that I’ve never really fully explained about buying alcohol in Australia. So today allow me to introduce you to ‘The Bottle Shop’. The Bottle Shop It also [...]