January 2015

Yes, today I’ve got a video that nobody wants to see, not even me. In fact I have even more reason not to want to see it, because I live in Brisbane. It was in a Brisbane suburban back garden that Gigantor was found. What is Gigantor? Here are some clues. Normally these things are [...]


When I first moved here in 2007 my Internet access was slow, very slow. But then my ISP introduced ADSL 2 and I started getting quite good download speeds, for back then anyway, of 2.5 Mb per second. To me it seemed faster than I was getting back in England and I explained all that [...]

Today is Australia Day thumbnail

Yes, it’s Australia Day today… We Interrupt This Holiday for…erm… A Holiday! The Australia Day Party Is On! The Problem with Australia Day As an Australian, it is my duty to drink beer and NOT do any work. So I’ll be off then. Catch you later.


I was going to wrap up my ‘Tweed Coast’ week by putting together a video of our escapades down that way. But before I do something like that, I always like to check on YouTube first to see what’s around. No point in reinventing the wheel, as they say, so if someone has made a [...]


On Monday I presented you with some photographs of our long weekend in northern New South Wales. As you will have seen from those pictures, we spent a lot of our time on the local beaches of which there were many. Mrs Bob and I are not really beachy people, but our 10-year-old daughter Elizabeth [...]


Well, we’ve just got back from a glorious weekend down the beach, Kingscliff to be precise. I’ve driven through the area before on many occasions, but never stopped off until now. Kingscliff Beach is the favourite beach of one of my Aussie friends here, so I thought it was about time I gave it a [...]


If any of you haven’t heard of the AFC Asian Cup, then you can’t have read my post SBS Strike Again! Another Special European Broadcast. If you have read that post, you will know that the Asian Cup is actually older than the UEFA European Football Championship also referred to in the title. This competition has [...]


It’s been an uncharacteristically miserable week here weatherwise in Brisbane considering it’s the middle of summer. It’s been dull, dreary, damp, rainy, grey and if I didn’t mention it already, dull. Dull, dull, dull, dull, dull. It has also been hot though, which is why I know it is not England. But Australia is supposed [...]