November 2014


You’re probably fed up with me keep showing you videos of storms bashing Australia and only two days ago I said to myself, yes, I do speak to myself sometimes, I said “I’ve got to stop keep showing videos of storms bashing Australia.” That decision was prompted after watching a program about ‘climate change’ which [...]


Hot off the press today we have a brand-new survey to share with you, and you know how much we love a good survey here on Bobinoz. It’s not so much surveys though, I think it’s ‘best lists’. You can’t beat a good best list. We’ve done Best Cities in Australia, Best Cities in the [...]


It would be almost impossible not to notice that Australia, a country with a relatively low population, usually does extraordinary well in swimming competitions on the global stage. At the time of writing, apparently 58 of Australia’s 143 Olympic gold medals came from swimming events. So, why are Australians such good swimmers? Here are a [...]


I still haven’t been to Perth, that’s something I definitely intend to fix in January of next year. I’m sure I’ll come back with lots of photographs, but for now I’ve had to scrounge this one from Wikimedia… From my page on the city though, I do know that it is quite an expensive place [...]


We know Australians love their pies, we’ve talked about this before in my post Who Ate All the Pies? When you go to a baker’s here, you don’t so much see chilled cabinets jampacked with ready-made sandwiches, instead they have hot shelves stuffed with sausage rolls and pies. Just one pie left in this baker’s… [...]


As you will know from Fridays post about the G20 Summit here in Brisbane, this city enjoyed a public holiday for the occasion. But what did I do with my extra day off? If past G20 summits are anything to go by, I am thinking Toronto 2010, there would have been a not insignificant risk [...]


Yes, it was seven years ago exactly to the day when me, Mrs Bob and a tiny Elizabeth stepped off the plane to set foot on Brisbane soil and called this city our home. To mark the occasion the Queensland Government has declared today a public holiday for all the residents of Brisbane, which is [...]

M & S

I meant to do this article last year but as any of you who have read any of my lead up to Christmas posts will know, the festive season takes me by surprise every year here in Australia. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and I have struggled over the years [...]