February 2014


I have written a couple of posts about finding a job in Australia versus the UK, I gave them some great titles as well: Finding a Job in Australia Compared with the UK Finding a Job in Australia versus the UK: Part Two But of course, finding a job in any country in terms of [...]


A lot of questions in my title today, so what is it all about? Time for me to stop asking questions and start answering some. Back in 2011 Australia held a census, as they do every five years. I took part in that census for the first time as I mentioned in my post Australian [...]


Last week I wrote an article called Winter in the UK and Summer in Australia Compared in which I mentioned we’d had a couple of very hot weekends lately. To cool down, we headed to the coast to catch some seabreeze. It worked, we cooled down, but here’s another trick that works for us here [...]


Here in South East Queensland (SEQ), that’s the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast areas, it’s hard to believe that more than two thirds of our state has been drought declared for a while. The weather has been hot and dry for most of the time, yes, but we have still had a bit of [...]


So, we have some geezer who has been wandering around Australia predicting that 2014 will see dramatic house price falls here in Australia, he is quoting a minimum of 27% in Sydney. Should we believe him? After all, he is also trying to sell a book on the subject. Predictions are fun, but you can’t [...]

Winter in the UK and Summer in Australia Compared thumbnail

Winter in the UK I’ve never done this before, compare an Aussie summer with an English winter, but the events of the weekend over in the UK have been quite shocking. Well, I thought it was just the weekend, but it seems the UK’s wild storms have been bashing the country since the end of October [...]


It’s the weekend, let’s talk about beer. Many many years ago, a very young Paul Hogan sold an Australian lager to the UK through a series of TV adverts. These adverts always ended with the slogan “Foster’s. The Australian for lager.” Like this… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIQIp10uV2E The reality though is that if you were to walk into [...]


TV in Australia and the UK compared. Not so long ago here in Australia the very last analogue TV signal was switched off. Australia’s analogue shutdown actually began on 30 June 2010 in Mildura and was complete on 10 December last year when remote Central and Eastern Australia were finally switched off. Goodbye analogue… Hello [...]