January 2014

Phillip Island

One of Melbourne’s main attractions is Phillip Island. Phillip Island is about 90 minutes drive from the city and in my head I imagined it would be something like Brisbane’s Stradbroke Island. You know Straddie… It’s North Stradbroke Island Week Here on BobinOz North Stradbroke Island: Day Two Why I Never Took to Train Spotting [...]


As you know, last week Mrs Bob, myself and Elizabeth took off to Melbourne for a weeks holiday. We left our house at 12 noon, driving by car to the airport. Our one hour 50 minute flights cost around $700 for the three of us return. After losing an hour due to the time difference [...]

Australia Day

It’s Australia Day on Sunday; Australia Day is 26 January every year. I’ve mentioned Australia Day several times before on this website, for example… We Interrupt This Holiday for…erm… A Holiday! The Australia Day Party Is On! Becoming an Australian Citizen So what’s the problem with Australia Day? The Australia Day holiday always comes right [...]


Well, I’ve been talking about heatwaves all week, so it’s very strange for me to now be writing about getting used to Australian winters. The reason? It’s time for another reprint of one of my articles for Australia and New Zealand magazine. This one appeared in their September issue, which means I would have written it [...]


This is another one of my “I’m not here” posts. By that I mean I’m not in Brisbane, I’m still here though, as in on the planet and still in Australia. I’m just not at home; this post has gone live by the magic of scheduling whilst we enjoy our second one-week summer holiday. Me, [...]


Australia is a hot country, we know that. But even by Australian standards, right now, this place is hot, very hot. Australia is having a heatwave. Everybody seems to be getting a turn, it was only two weeks ago I wrote my post What’s Wrong With Brisbane? If you read that one you will have [...]


Before I get to that, I’m going to talk about the hidden dangers on the UK’s roads that most Australians have probably never heard about. It’s called black ice. Over to Wikipedia to explain black ice: “Black ice, sometimes called clear ice, refers to a thin coating of glazed ice on a surface. While not [...]


Last Monday in my post called What’s wrong With Brisbane? I spoke about the ridiculously high temperatures we were suffering at the time. I also mentioned that on North Stradbroke Island, one of our favourite places, bushfires were raging in a fire that was started by a lightning strike. I had hoped the storm that passed over [...]